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The lighting is for you because there is nothing impossible. In this meeting, we have tried to eliminate that egoic force that arises from the state of ignorance. Bear in mind that ignorance is the illusion of all belief, the paradigm that holds the ego is: I am not worthy, I can not, I live in scarcity, I am a separate self, I have to wake up. In summary, it is an energy field based on beliefs.
As a seeker, you are under the repression of impossibility, but it is certainly only a belief, a way of seeing yourself limited and this is how you think and live.
Do you think that if someone is willing to free himself, he will not get it? Of course, but awakening begins with vigilance, observation, and understanding of limitation. To awaken we must observe the source of limiting thought. That is what brings us out of Being.
This is the mechanism: the Being is complete by nature, the illusion releases the sensation/idea of scarcity, the first illusion is "I", then all the others come, that apparent "I", generates the sensation of being a separate individual. As the Being is complete and unlimited, everything that emerges is an expression in the limitation and in the moment that you pursue any idea, the limitation appears in your spectrum. Moral: if you do not follow any limitation, nothing will take you towards the illusion.
The human being is extraordinary and the power that is inside is unlimited. With just wanting it, what I call: "the internal fire", intelligence starts and captures possibilities, seeks egoic errors. It is placed at the service of achievement, passion, and need, discovering egoic tendencies and transcending them. Do not fall into the impossibility, the possibility will be your guide.
Love the truth in you as the only possibility of life.
The truth is that virtuous position that allows you to go beyond the confines of the mind, it is that enlightening experience that penetrates the present and turns it into the enlightening vision of the ego. There is also a field called present/presence and its energy frequency, which grows and expands as we return to it, as we see session after session in SATSANG.
It only takes energy, love for the truth and desire to have fun. Understand this, your realization has to be the way you want to live, to realize your Being as a unique expression and to express in this world a way of seeing yourself liberated, in every moment, in every second.
The realization has nothing to do with time, it is always now.
It must become your passion, passion for growth, passion for being more awake, freer every day. If this passion is not awake, there is nothing to do. Your gunpowder is wet. You study, but there is no fire. You come to the encounter with the present, but you are in the head. The only way is to receive it naked and open.
To wake up you have to get out of your head.
Let's look at it in another way: where does the mind come from? Out of your Being, below or through thought is the Presence of God, conscious of all arising, of all thought, conscious of all experience. This conscious and serene presence can realize the truth. He knows her because she is herself. A small step in the listening (alive) of what the thought is and what is done and finally it will be revealed to you. You will see with absolute clarity that, the I in the thought is not who you really are and by taking distance from the false identity, you are revealed to your true face, timeless and liberated.
Who are you? Being silent and formless, unaffected by appearances, ESO Eres. Space that contains everything, the possibility that allows all to be and emerge in you. And that's where the end of all the grief, pain or limitation will begin. But that will not be everything, because you leave the ego to run the identity and leave it to something greater than individuality. This new personality is authentic Power, creativity and joy.
When you run the identity what is left is "YOU".
Why is lighting possible? Because it is only necessary to realize: this free, silent and loving internal space that contains the entire universe. It is infinitely possible, it is certainly the only real possibility. It is what is already happening, but the veil of separation prevents us from seeing it.
So start by believing that it is. Because the ideas that you are not "that" called: Being, God, Presence or Consciousness, must be observed. That is awakening.
The illumination is to give light to the scarcity. It is not to find the Light or to go towards the absolute, not ..., it is to give light to what is considered scarce in you, to illuminate the insufficiency and to address the absolute in you ..., as we have seen in this last encounter. YOU CAN, BECAUSE YOU ARE ALREADY!
Enlightenment is illuminating insufficiency and giving light to scarcity.
Observe the shortage and once it is not persecuted, what is left in abundance. Stay in the absence of scarcity, stay there long enough and then come tell me that you rebel.
Summary: never allow yourself to fall into the trap of scarcity, ever.
The idea of ​​I can not, I am not worthy, I do not have it yet or I am not enlightened, it is what has to be observed, understand this and love yourself in your perfection.
Another idea that we touch is that of the absolute or the emptiness. This is a beautiful place in which to rest or rest before the manifestation, impossible to avoid because it is what we are. The absolute is everything and that is the discovery. This discovery must be unifying. If we take the absolute as the only reality, this position is insufficient, insufficient to live the abundant and beautiful life that our loving and complete Being has come to live. Nothing without love, nothing without expansion, is empty, incomplete in its nature.
The absolute is not the only plane that exists.
Where does the absolute expand? He does it in you, he does it for the living, for the witness. This is strange, right? The truth is revealed when the sense of unity is seen as spatial. The mind does not see it, nor does it see it become conscious of it, but everything: the person, the presence, the Pure Consciousness and the infinite, are revealed as a Unique Being. There are no compartments, they can not be separated.
The absolute find in the person the form of exhibiting itself when the individual is dissolved, then the Consciousness can express its limitlessness. There is no way to say who is there to see it, this question is only resolved when you see it for yourself.
How is the loving embrace of the absolute here? This is the most exuberant and beautiful issue of realization. Because despite what many think, is to be within life, within the passion of the Being that comes to express itself freely in all the levels mentioned above in bold.
The fire of the Being must be felt in everyday life, in creativity, in relationships, in the way in which we create an order with excellence and abundance in our day to day life, that is where the realization is expressed, challenged and confirmed as true
How do we descend grace? Loving the manifestation, not denying it as unreal, because we are not separated, there are not two, everything is the only manifesto.
- Understand this concept: you can only say that something is unreal, from a position of reality. In the realization there is no position left, everything is That.
Awakening is finally a matter of unconditional love for life. This is the end, this is the Resurrection, to be inside is the end of everything, and not anchored in nihilism, this position is comfortable, full of peace, but incomplete. The realization is not the discovery of emptiness, but the understanding and integration of the unity between what is infinite and what is daily, normal and ordinary.
The realization is the communion between the infinite and the everyday.
If you are a lover of nihilism, but you have not yet attained enlightenment Yes, you have discovered nothing (absolute), but you still lack something ..., this is what you need, you need to go down to earth, because the absolute cannot be known , it can only be revealed in the known and manifested in everything that is. It is in the everyday. Of course, at the beginning there is an intuition of something that is huge, it is a great unlimited space, in which one is amazed at its magnificence. I was an addict to remain in the great void, in the great nothingness.
We awaken to infinity and we are silent in its silence, but with time it remains incomplete.
There is also something else that happens to the seeker who discovers the great void and absolute space that, due to the lack of integration at all levels, comes out of it. Sometimes that vision is lost and you return to the person, right? This is the typical one: "I have it, I've lost it". This fluctuation will continue happening until you download it here. This will be the end of you.
I tell you about my own experience. I assure you that, if you cling to the absolute vision is the only one that exists, your life will be incomplete, the search will continue in motion because the Being wants to expand.
"I have it, I've lost it", it ends when you descend the absolute into you.
Let's look at it in a more philosophical way: the teaching of "everything is absolute" and "there is no one here" is quite clear to understand, but difficult to express for students.
Why has it become very common teaching? This is the reason: when the separated self is very active, negation is needed, this is a very masculine, separatist and effective practice to break the roots of the mind with matter, body and daily experiences. I repeat it is only necessary at the beginning. It serves to erode, it is necessary while the activity of the mind has power. I have the feeling that it is useful while the realization is immature. Accelerates the process of ego destruction.
Denial controls the entity until it dissolves.
But when the mind dies, that changes everything. It is at that moment that the true roots of self-realization are established. A realized being, with an infinite expression of energy and abundance, automatically conquers matter and penetrates the present by finding the unknown in it, discovering its emptied expression (free of psychological realism). In other words, discover the absolute here.
This must happen spontaneously and although it can be practiced, this understanding will come true when the mind is released absolutely. This is empowerment, which happens when there is an alignment between the energy of the absolute and the everyday matter or vision.
When the mind dies, the energy invades the happening, as intelligence not separated.
It is when the mind stops being turned towards the history and the saturation of the reality of the phenomena and the Being takes the control of the alignment, regulating the normality of living without the sensation of having to look for something more, leaving the levels before mentioned act and be used according to their needs, without objection, denial or contradiction. This understanding generates an unprecedented flow of balance, it is one of the most beautiful jewels of the realized Being.
Remember that one of the phenomena where the entity is established is the body. The anchoring is maintained as long as you believe in the "from there", as divinity and despise the "here" as phenomena. This is separation. We have seen it in asceticism, for example. So the object of the body, the idea of ​​the "I", as a physical entity, has not been transparent as a divine manifestation, realizing that, what you call "I", fulfills its finite function, but ultimately, that system called person, is not you, is consciousness, or the absolute in the form of consciousness.
The "there" and the "here" are not two aspects of the Being, but the same.
Empty of the energetic content of the separation, you begin to incorporate in the person the divine spirit of the absolute, penetrating the personal life as a divine expression, the person is seen as God. This is a complete realization. This is what they call avatar or divine Incarnation.
The realization is so simple and ordinary that it is overlooked. The mind has to believe that the absolute exists, but it does not exist. Not as the existence of something called absolute, different from the relative, again I repeat, this is separation. This that reads the lines of this writing is That, it is no longer "there", there is no further. God is more here than you are.

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